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Syncretic Studios and Oohly win Silver Telly



June 28, 2012

Syncretic Studios and Oohly team up to take the 33rd Annual Telly Awards

Syncretic Studios and Oohly, LLC Proudly announce – The Telly Awards has named Syncretic Studios as a Silver winner in the 33rd Annual Telly Awards for their video titled Oohly: Extra Gone Wild! For the teams that collaborated together to earn this recognition, the award is truly an honor. (more…)

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Your TV will never be the same again.

Oohly instantly connects you with the products you see while watching TV or movies. Not only will Oohly allow you to find out about any apparel worn by your favorite stars on screen, but all products, such as furniture, games, and electronics! Best of all, your access to these products is instant – no waiting! See something you want to purchase for yourself? Oohly will tell you who makes it available for purchase- right now!

With Oohly you will never again ask yourself,
How do I find that product I saw on my favorite show?

Oohly connects you with products


Here at Oohly, our ultimate goal is to enable you to instantly find products seen on TV or movies from any electronic device you may have. This will include devices such as smart TVs, smart phones, PC or Mac computers and any tablet.

Additionally, once our full Oohly.com website rolls out, any products from shows where the Oohly application can be used will be searchable via our website. Oohly won’t just tell you about products; we will also connect you with retailers who sell the products that you desire. This connection with retailers won’t just be a feature limited to our website – it will be available with all the Oohly apps!

This is how it works:

Nobody else will allow you to instantly research or purchase products seen in TV or movies like Oohly can!

Oohly presents: Extra Gone Wild


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