Miss American Dreamer

April 18, 2012 |

Not a real “person” in the conventional sense, Miss American Dreamer is actually a living embodiment of a theoretical retail demographic. She is purportedly the average 25-35 year old avid female TV viewer and Internet retail consumer. Miss American Dreamer can spend hours looking around online to find that fantastic dress or those really cool shoes she saw on TV.

Obviously genetically engineered and raised in an abandoned sound stage to be a completely vacuous “viewsumer,” she is everything TV marketing executives could ever hope for. The male viewers want to see more of her, and are secretly hoping to get her phone number. If they got it, they would only complain about having to buy her dresses like the one featured in the advertisement.

Now that she has found her soul mate – Oohly – men are no longer a problem. Just by simply using the Oohly app while watching her favorite show (Te Amo Alejandro of course!) she can instantly find or even purchase what she sees on screen. Who needs a man!?!