The Oohly Man

April 18, 2012 |

Lately he has been a frequent extra in the soap “Te Amo Alejandro” and is just waiting for his big break, because he knows that he is a star! The question is… does anyone else know that? More to the point… does anyone know who this guy is and how he keeps getting in front of our cameras?

The Oohly Man takes every opportunity to show everybody how fabulous Oohly is, and clearly he will stop at nothing to identify an item on the set and get it to your front door in a heartbeat. Why people answer that doorbell is beyond us, but even we at Te Amo Alejandro will admit he looks good in shorts.

Recently, he deemed himself the “unofficial” mascot for Oohly (frequently referring to himself as the “The Oohly Man,” which our counsel advises is grounds for civil commitment in many jurisdictions) and has made it his personal mission to tell everybody about Oohly! Whether you feel like giving him your attention, or whether he feels like taking it hostage.