April 18, 2012 |

She recently joined the cast of “Te Amo Alejandro” – some say only in exchange for providing a secret and odor eating footwear accessory for Alejandro. Her fans say she’s an obvious diva and will soon dominate the show. Catalina says she only does it for the free food.

Alejandro’s attorney has suggested the illicit contraband may have been hidden in her bee-hive hairstyle, as there is obviously no other reason a fashionable modern woman would have piled it on that high. The other leading ladies on the show said a few things about her, but we cannot print them.

Catalina’s agent was unavailable for comment – she has stopped taking our calls, and frankly, we think that’s just petty, and we said we’d certainly get the check out any day now… Anyway – wherever did she get that dress!?!