April 18, 2012 |

The star of the much acclaimed soap opera, “Te Amo Alejandro,” and the obvious target of the affections of women across the world.

The show very much mirrors how he lives his life – dissing the ladies in every conceivable situation. When he’s not busy drinking or adjusting the height of his eyebrow, Alejandro indulges in his one true passion – finding the longest shoes available on the planet.

Rumor has it that he met Catalina during one of his footwear sojourns, and some say he promised her a role on the soap in exchange for a set of prized designer padded insoles. One prominent gossip columnist has gone so far as to suggest that Alejandro made his vast fortune by smuggling drugs inside his massive loafers, but most insiders feel it’s obvious he has no such massive fortune or he would cease pimping himself as a faux Latino Lover.